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We make paint special

Innovative and sustainable water-based wood coatings for the joinery industry.

We are a family-owned Dutch paint manufacturer that has partnered with Carbon paint centre to bring our market-leading products into the Irish market.



Hydrolux is our water-based industrial coating range for wood windows and doors.

Fast drying times

Hydrolux allows for quick drying times, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

KOMO certified

Hydrolux is certified by KOMO, ensuring high quality and adherence to industry standards.

Minimum water uptake

Hydrolux minimizes water uptake, providing superior protection against moisture and water damage.

Up to 15 years of maintenance

Hydrolux provides long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies section to discover practical solutions and valuable insights from real-life examples of successful coating applications.



RHS Bridgewater is a new botanical garden located in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. It is the fifth garden of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the first new garden that the organisation has opened in almost two decades.

The aim of RHS Bridgewater is to showcase the beauty and diversity of plants from all around the world. The garden covers 154 acres and is situated on the historic Worsley New Hall estate, which dates to the 1840s. The visitor’s centre was designed by Hodder + Partners and contains 27 tons of Siberian Larch coated in Anker Stuy products.

The cladding was vacuum coated in a 3-coat system of 1 x Ankolux Aqua Basestain and 2 x Ankolux Aqua Woodstain that will protect the Larch for years to come with limited maintenance while allowing the timber to age naturally throughout its lifespan.



‘’It Swettehûs’’ is a newly constructed circular bridge operation centre and fulcrum for the Provincial Water Management, that allows them to remotely control 40 bridges across Friesland.

The operation centre can manage bridges more efficiently and abolish bridge breaks and toll payments for both the water sports enthusiast and commercial shipping. The site will soon serve as a base for 20 provincial employees of waterway management, nautical affairs, and the technical service for bridges.

‘Dijkstra Draisma’ was the company ultimately responsible for the construction of ’It Swettehûs’. The construction group used a three-coat Aplex Aqua system that was applied to both the windows and frames all around the project.



Armadilla is a family-run business based near Edinburgh, Scotland. The company designs, builds, and delivers luxury self-contained accommodations to customers at the forefront of the hospitality and wellness sectors.

The range of eco-friendly and innovative spherical structures also known as, Armadillas, are constructed using sustainable materials, features, and modern amenities.

Three coats of Ankolux Aqua Woodstain is brush applied to the exterior Accoya façade, resulting in a natural rustic look with a long-maintenance free period. The interior of the pods was sprayed with the Ankocryl interior system.



The historical heart of Amsterdam is praised for its beautiful buildings. These static, seventeenth-century canal gentleman buildings, give character and charm to Amsterdam throughout all seasons. In 2010, these buildings were awarded a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Overall, the Embassy Hotel in Amsterdam is a well-regarded hotel with a prime location in the heart of the city, offering a unique blend of history, luxury, and personalized services.

The interior and exterior windows and frames were decorated with ‘Waarborg Elite’ and ‘Biobased ‘paint. The exterior windows are frames of the Hotel were coated with ‘Waarborg Elite’ while the interior was painted with our ‘Biobased’ Paint. The walls were decorated with ‘Triotex Superior’.


We have been developing and producing paint products for more than three generations. Our story begins in 1898 with Printing Ink and Paint Factory ‘t Anker’ in Steenwijk, Overijssel, founded in 1898 by the Aberson family.

The Beginning

Stuy en Anker: Bundled knowledge in sustainable paints

Third generation family business

The beginning

In the early years, the family produced printing inks, paint varnishes, cellulose varnishes, chlorinated rubber paints and 2-component paints. Even then, the company had prestige and fame thanks to the supply of consistent and sustainable quality. Important customers included the Government Buildings Agency and the AKU. The company was later sold to the Lampe family in Steenwijk.

From Gorredijk to Terwispel

In 1946 Adriaan Stuy started a sales office at the Molenwal in the Frisian Gorredijk. This sales office was called A. Stuy Verf- en Snowcemdealer. Later the company moved to the Hoofdstraat in Gorredijk. In 1962 Stuy built new business premises in the Hoofdstraat. The name of the company is changed to Stuy Verven. In addition to the wholesale activities, Stuy also started mixing colors from semi-finished product to finished product. This expansion of production gave Stuy Verven more projects, more customers and a growing turnover. It was decided to expand the manufacturing process. Due to this expansion, the building in the Hoofdstraat also became too small. In 1974, the current building in Terwispel was purchased and drastically renovated. The building was taken into use in 1976 and production was started.

Stuy en Anker: Bundled knowledge in sustainable paints

In 1978 Printing Ink and Paint Factory “’t Anker” is taken over by Stuy Verven. The expertise is bundled. The companies will continue to produce separately in Terwispel and Steenwijk. Due to strong growth, it was decided in 1982 to continue production centrally. Terwispel was chosen as the place of business. The existing company in Terwispel was further modernized and converted into a single production location. The company continued under the name Anker Stuy Verven.
We are now several expansions further. In the eighties, Adriaan Stuy’s two sons took part in the thriving family business. Their dynamic commitment and flexibility ensured continuity and growth. John & Rob Stuy, as the 2nd generation, have also allowed the company to grow into a market leader as a paint supplier for the carpentry industry.

Third generation family business

John Stuy retired in 2020, so the management now consists of Emile, Armand & Rob Stuy. The third generation has a view to the future with the aim of further growing the company both nationally and internationally.

For example, in 2019, Anker Stuy Coatings LTD was founded in Peterborough/ England. This allows the Anker Stuy brand to be anchored in this market. The current complex issues with regard to sustainability and the environment are also important themes for the third generation to work with. For example, more and more products will be developed with a high bio-based content and the company will take a critical look at its own energy and waste consumption.

Chemistry is constantly evolving and we work closely with parties to promote circularity and sustainability. For example, we encourage pilot projects to apply building materials in a circular manner. We also conduct continuous theoretical and practical research to make binders and additives more sustainable.